Wave Pak! Ganern!

Jan 12, 2016

Wave PakGanern on boarding… #latePost


I’m so blessed with the people that I meet in my life.  They’re all packed with extreme clinginess. From the folks I work with back in my 1st company APAC, My college friends, My reps in IBEX, Awestruck fellowship and now my co-TLs in my TL on boarding training in Convergys. Its just Amazing. I’m a keeper and I strongly believe God gives me people that are worth keeping.

Going through my TL on boarding Training I knew I was going to meet leaders and I’m talking about different TLs from different sites of Convergys (Ala1,2,3, CVG1, Eastwood, UP, G5, MDC) but I never thought our friendship could go beyond the 4 walls of the training room. From an awkward 1st day introduction to now having our own group chat after training and planning a vacation on March 13 and 14 in Zambales. Wave PakGanern, as what we call ourselves have really come a long way. This batch is packed with amazing talents which are real assets of Convergys.

Lets go through each and everyone of them. For through them, I saw that I can have a family inside work.

Table#1 Nice, Jane, Joey, Rej and babes


– This table is where I turn to when I need someone to agree with me when I say “Ndi pa ba tayo uuwi?” hahaha Joey and Rej would agree with me and tell me “Oo nga”. Hilarious as it may sound but it actually helped me get over boredom sometimes. This table is consist of Nice — The Daisy Reyes look alike. She’s fearless on how she express herself which is one thing that I like about her. Jane — The former comedian turned TL diva. She makes everyone laugh with her unique sense of humor. Rej — very quiet at 1st but is extremely talkative too once you get to know her better and lastly Babes who everyone points to when the trainer says “pick a friend” to read the next paragraph. 🙂

Table #2 Ems, Thom, Jocelyn, Kel, Jen and Ria


– I was kinda intimidated by this table at first, mainly because I didn’t have the opportunity to bond with them during the 1st week of training. But they proved that first impression doesn’t really last. The table is consist of Em — a tall, pretty, model like TL from Ala4. Thom — The perfect storm (Term referring to storm’s eyes in XMen when someone is falling asleep) during training. Jen – whose sense of humor is beyond words. I so love it when Thom and Jen throw back to back jokes. Training becomes an instant comedy bar all of a sudden. Kel — the quiet one but very friendly once you get to know him a little. Ria — I though was quiet at 1st but also cracks the funniest of jokes. and last but not least Jocelyn — The comm coach who knows gay lingo better than any girl I know. Amazing!

Table #3  Pao, Cha and Ei and me


    – My tablemates. Cha and Ei are from UP and Pao is also from ala2. They’re the reason why I don’t “storm” during training. I sleep in Pao’s car though, during carpool to CVG1 in Makati where the training was held. I sleep while he drives and sing along with his stereo. Cha and Ei are my break mates, since we don’t smoke, during breaks we just eat sandwiches which takes eternity to make (tapos nlng ung break ndi pa nagagawa ung sandwich). We laugh at the slightest things and support each other’s jokes. They’re the reason why training was extra special.
Table #4 Onim, Crystel, hazel and Roxy


    – Onim — very friendly and accommodating. Crystel — one who participated in amazing race Philippines with her husband. They’re my group mates during the training’s role play. Had an amazing time role-playing with them. They’re handling uverse which was my previous account in Ibex. Hazel — Is very Quiet. I thought was snobbish at 1st but is kind and friendly when I got to know her more.  Roxy — I think she’s very sentimental and thoughtful. She’s the only one who had her OM during the Graduation Ceremony which I find so sweet.  Hazel and Roxy are folks from CVG1 (Makati) same site where the training is being held so they’re our tour guides during our short stay there.
I’m really blessed to meet everyone here. I pray that we will maintain our friendship. I wish you guys all the best and all the happiness in life. Thank you for making my first weeks in CVG unforgettable. I know you guys will go a long way. Keep the faith and God bless.




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