Vesitidos Collections Acacia Photoshoot (Behind the scene)

Hi everyone!!! So, as you guys know, i recently collaborated with Vestidos Collections and we did a photo shoot held in Acacia Hotel in Alabang.

I’m still not done editing because I have work. I’m a blogger by day and a Team Leader at night. Time is a real struggle but I’ll make sure I finish it in no time. Here’s a sample of the edited pics. 🙂


Vestidos Collections – Bags and Shoes 
Michelle Ann Obo – Make up artist
Revlon Philippines – Official Make up brand
Crisdom Paduada– Photographer
Sarah Amakawa– Acacia Hotel Discount
Acacia Hotel Manila – Super friendly accommodation

**** it has always been my dream to represent a brand in Acacia so thank you for keeping up with my out of this world imagination … Thank you Lord for allowing me to work with such amazing human beings… see FB links on how to contact them…

Behind the scene images…

FB_IMG_1507966014725  FB_IMG_1507966025050

FB_IMG_1507966036224  20171013_163537


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