The first Victory Service

My journey as a Born Again Christian began when I decided to follow Jesus during my first victory service. January 2011, I will never forget. It was the very first time I attended victory service and finally I found HOME. I responded to Pastor Ariel’s altar call and my life changed ever since. Let me share my story with you.


My Hesitations:

My brother Christian, was the one who introduced us to Victory. Funny how I grew up in Festival mall but never even knew it existed. I was always in search for a spiritual community even as a kid so I was very excited to know we’ll finally attend church. Its been a long time since we attended one. When we got to the venue, I was culture shocked with everything in it. The venue looked so modern. Now you have to understand, that was the 1st time I attended a big congregation. I was used to the small local church we used to attend to a long time ago. Then comes worship and again I was culture shocked. “where’s the usual choir?” I asked myself. I was scared I wouldn’t feel God’s presence but, as kids, we were taught to always respect God and His church no matter where or what the situation is. So, I sang and danced to the praise and worship song. It was awkward at 1st but after a few min I got used to it. with all the drums and electric guitars roaring in the background, there was still one question in my mind “How can I feel God intimately with all this loud music” then all of a sudden the worship team started to play slow worship songs. I found the solemn I was looking for. I started having Goosebumps. I was crying while singing. I felt God’s presence all over the place. It was the best feeling ever! I cant explain how hard I was crying that time. I felt extreme happiness as God is telling me “You’re Home”

Life Changer:

In my search for a spiritual growth I tried to attend masses or different churches where they try to read the word but no matter how hard I try, I just could not understand them. I don’t know if its because of the loud echo of the speakers but I just couldn’t relate. At one point in my life, attending church became a requirement just because “We have to”. God changed my life when I attended Victory. He wanted me to attend service not because “I have to” but because “I want to”. So with a swollen eye. I tried to recover from intensive crying as worship comes to a close. One of the things I love most about Victory is the preaching. The pastors relate it in real life and gives real scenarios of their family, friends or other Christian’s testimonies. Which makes it relatable to the audience. The pastors are so good at what they do. It makes an hour and a half service pass like a breeze. They were made with a unique sense of humor that makes the audience entertained as they study God’s words. Its amazing how God uses them to preach His word so that we can follow Him in His ways. I thank God for the lives of our pastors and for giving them the gift to preach His word in a way people can relate to. Real Life changer!

Altar call:

The pastor said “if you want to receive Jesus as your Lord and Savior….” prompting us to raise our hands. The very 1st question that popped in to my head was “why? I’ve been a Christian my whole life and I have Jesus as my Lord why should I raise my Hand??” then a sudden realization struck me. I know Jesus my whole life because I was raised as Christian, but I never had an intimate relationship with Him. So I needed to Raise my hand and respond to the altar call to publicly declare that He is my Lord and I want an intimate relationship with Him. And so I did. We prayed a prayer “Lord Jesus, I confess that I’m a sinner needing a savior. I confess with my mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in my heart that ….. Thank you for dying in the cross for me.” I cried buckets of tears again obviously. The feeling after saying that prayer was unbelievable. There was a sudden feeling of relief, comfort and peace rolled in one. right there and then, I knew my life will never be the same again.

This isn’t the end. its just the beginning…..


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