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A Godly woman’s dilemma

As a Godly woman, we always pray for God to give us a Godly man. One that loves Jesus more than they love us… That’s EVERY girls prayer.

But when God grants our prayer and gives us a Godly man, As a woman, we’re by nature attention seekers. We want their full attention! One which a Godly man can never fulfill because more than his love for you, he loves serving Jesus more. which is what you asked for in the first place.


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salvation through faith alone


As a kid, I was brought up as a Born again Christian. “For God so loved the world that He gave his only son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life” John 3:16 had been introduced to me the moment I learned to comprehend.  But it was only a few years back when I FULLY understood what salvation really is. January 2011, I will never forget the first time I set foot in Victory. See full story. Prior to Victory, what I had back then was just pure knowledge; knowledge that we have a God, knowledge that Jesus is Lord, who was sent here on earth to pay the penalty of our sins to save us from eternal death.

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As I continue to grow in faith, I then realized that knowledge alone won’t save us...

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I wanna order Mr. Right please


“Thank you for calling Customized men. How may I help you today?”

“Yes, I’d like to order a man please”

“Sure, let me walk you through online.”

“Yah, I’m interested in Man model #143K”

“What size do you prefer?”

“5’9″. 180 lbs”

“Extrovert or introvert”



“Born-again Christian”

“Future career?”

“Chief Engineer”

“Would you like to add any bonus features?

“Yah, flowers once a week feature and top athletic skills please.”

“Anything else?”

“Uhm, I noticed this model has a habit of smoking. Could you remove that please.”

“Of course! We’ll have him shipped to you in two weeks. Will we be using your Visa or MasterCard?”

I’ve been in the BPO industry for 5 years now..  4 and a half years as a support and a Team Lead. How I wish it’s just this easy to build Mr. Right...

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