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Wave Pak! Ganern!

Jan 12, 2016

Wave PakGanern on boarding… #latePost


I’m so blessed with the people that I meet in my life.  They’re all packed with extreme clinginess. From the folks I work with back in my 1st company APAC, My college friends, My reps in IBEX, Awestruck fellowship and now my co-TLs in my TL on boarding training in Convergys. Its just Amazing. I’m a keeper and I strongly believe God gives me people that are worth keeping.

Going through my TL on boarding Training I knew I was going to meet leaders and I’m talking about different TLs from different sites of Convergys (Ala1,2,3, CVG1, Eastwood, UP, G5, MDC) but I never thought our friendship could go beyond the 4 walls of the training room...

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A Christian’s Road to Recovery

                Going through the ultimate heartbreak with my first ever boyfriend was harder than I thought. Click link for the whole story. As a kid, I told myself I will never cry over a boy. That I would move on after 2 days. Easier said than done, I know! And now that I’m living the moment, I therefore conclude, it’s not possible to move on in 2 days haha 🙂 Though it is possible to move on at a faster rate. Let me show you how.

Road to recovery

1) Hold on to your faith

                All throughout my heartbreak I only have one verse in mind. Isaiah 66:9 God said “I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born.” I kept repeating this verse over and over and over again until the heart break is not as painful anymore...

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