The worst shampoo endorser

They say hair is a woman’s crowning glory. Well not for me hahaha I don’t even care what my hair looks like. Apparently I’m not the usual girly girl everyone thought I am. I’m kinda boyish in a way so I don’t normally care what my hair looks like. Plus I’m a big Britney fan and you know how messy her hair is, but she can still pull that hot chick look. I kinda live by the same philosophy, that you don’t need an awesome hair to look pretty.

Symply Gorgeous Shampoo

                But one of my major hair problem is when my hair gets SO oily. I’m an athlete. I play multiple sports. I work out a lot. but regardless if I’m working out or just on idle, my scalp produces more oil than the oil industries of the Middle east.

                Then I get to try Symply Gorgeous shampoo through a sponsorship. I was hesitant to try it at first because I’m used to the shampoo that I’m using now. And you know when you accept a collaboration for an endorsement, you’d have to use the product so that you can get a good review about it.  I’m not the type of blogger who just endorse for the sake of endorsement. I won’t endorse something I haven’t tried.

                So, I don’t have major negative comments on Symply G shampoo. Though it’s not as fragrant as the branded ones. But it serves its purpose. Especially for my oily type of hair! Quantity wise, I think it tops all shampoos because it’s huge!!! It takes 3 baths to consume 1 sachet. Over all, for its price, quantity and quality I think it’s worth it.

Goodbye oily hair… Hello Symply G!

See video for Symply G behind the scene.

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