SMP president and proud!!!

SMP stands for Samahan ng Malalamig ang Pasko. Filipino term used to those who’ll be spending their Christmas as single individuals. I dubbed myself as president a year ago and I’m so ok with it.

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When I went through my ultimate heart break a year ago, I stopped believing in happily ever after. I stopped believing in forever. I stopped believing in love. But every time I spend my quiet time with God, He never failed to remind me not to get tired of loving. He reminded me that there is forever in Him. He reminded me of my worth which is not dictated by anyone but Him. He reminded me that I don’t need a man to feel loved because His love is sufficient. He reminded me that I can love again I just have to be more careful this time. So during that time, I listed down all the qualities of a man God placed in my heart for my future husband. God’s words were so clear as he instructed me never to compromise my belief, my values, my work, my ministry and my faith to any man that comes my way because the right guy will never ask me to compromise anything period. 🙂 I trust God’s perfect timing and I’m willing to wait because I know in my heart, that if it’s from God, it’ll be worth the wait. 🙂

Girls now a days are so afraid of being a part of this group that they tend to settle for less than they deserve just so they can be taken off the list. Especially in this season, girls tend to be teased on how lonely Christmas will be because they’re single. Ladies, always know the difference between what you’re getting and what you truly deserve. Never believe the lies this world throws at you. Single – is not a status. It’s a word that describes a person who is strong enough to enjoy life alone while waiting for God’s best. Settling for someone just to be in a relationship won’t make you happy. Maximizing your singleness through ministries and fellowship and waiting for God’s perfect guy for you will! Godly women are strong, resilient, independent, loyal and lovable. One great thing about them is that they never settle. Never apologize for having high standards. God placed those standards in your heart for a reason. Again, do not settle. People who really want to be in your life will rise up to meet your standards.

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You deserve to be loved. You deserve honesty. You deserve respect. You deserve loyalty. You deserve someone who will never abuse your trust. You deserve someone who will be there for you even on times when life is not funny anymore. You deserve a Godly man because you are the daughter of the King of Kings. Wait for the person who pursues you. The one who will make an ordinary moment seem magical. The kind of person who brings out the best in you and makes you want to be a better person. The person who will be your best friend and will stand by you no matter what. More importantly, wait for the person who chases and loves Jesus so much that he met you along the way. 🙂


My last point, let’s change our mindset on this SMP thing. Being single doesn’t mean cold and blue Christmas.There are those who are currently in a relationship who spend their Christmas feeling more alone, more lonely and more unloved. That’s worse! So, as president, I hereby change the definition of SMP from Samahan ng Malalamig ang Pasko to Samahan ng mga Mahal ang Panginoon! I just saw the new definition somewhere in the internet and found it better than the original one. 🙂 and besides, Boyfriends are not the ones who keep our Christmas warm, family and loved ones does!

Yours Truely, SMP President Christine Ong

PS: I wanna know your story comment on the pane below. 🙂

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  • Christine Ong  says:

    Thanks guys… 🙂

  • Timothy gride  says:

    you have my vote as president

  • Christina Ong  says:

    Nice nice!

    • iamchristine  says:

      thanks Tina 🙂 be a guess writer please… 🙂

  • Rochelyn  says:
  • jennifer ani  says:

    nice read;:);0:)

    • iamchristine  says:

      thanks Jen… I wanna know your story too 🙂

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