On Higher Ground Singles getaway 2017 –

It’s not all smiles and glitters. Here’s the behind the SEEN (scene) of my singles getaway 2017.

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As a team leader and a blogger I’m normally excited to attend events, esp getaways!!! In this getaways though, the enemy really strategized on ruining my time with God… and it focused on hitting one of the most important part of the retreat – fellowship!

Weeks prior to On Higher ground singles getaway 2017, I was really really not in the mood to mingle which is far far far beyond normal because I’m a people person and I’m normally excited to meeting new friends esp people of the same faith. But this time, I was just off. I don’t feel like talking to people, I don’t like being around people. I don’t like seeing people period! I just want to be alone and sulk. I’m not going through anything big as of the moment so there’s no reason for me to sulk but this is  how I really felt. The enemy took one of the most important part of my very being – the heart to fellowship.

I really felt something was wrong so I was praying the whole time and asking my friends to pray with me because I was off. It’s so not me!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited for the retreat because I knew I’ll have a fresh encounter with God but the heart to fellowship was just not there.

Then, I met my team. I knew I love them before I met them. (It’s a song I know, but that’s how I felt) hahaha 🙂  I met my seatmate kat! She’s an amazing woman. Super strong in faith and a certified princess of God. Though we talked during the course of our journey to Baguio, I confirmed with kat, (during our kwentuhan on our way home) that onset of  our trip, she felt there was a wall between her and me, a wall that I tried my best to hide since the very beginning. Apparently it was still evident.

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I didn’t lose hope, I prayed for God to help me in my battle… oh diba retreat na nga may battle pa din ako… hahaha but really, it was a battle for me because I love fellowship… it’s a big part of me…


Session 1… pastor Jansen talked about him wanting to be a basketball player … he wanted to be a part of PBA, NCAA, UAAP etc … but he couldn’t because of his height. During the course of his basketball dream he was able to be a part of a league in his baranggay … his coach decided to let him play during the most crucial  part of the game—  last 2 mins!!!!!! His coach just told him “basta galingan mo Jansen ahh!!!” All pumped up, Ptr Jansen realized that the opponent is leading by 40 points …. it’s a sure win!!!! The battle has already been won!!! It is finished! All he had to do is play! Just like our journey as Christians the battle has already been won by Jesus!!! All we need to do is be in the game and play! There is nothing that we can do to make us lose this battle because Jesus already finished it 2000 years ago, on that cross.


My realization: though the session talks about discipleship. I can also relate it to what I was going through during that time. God decided to put me in the game weeks before the event (during registration) and there is nothing I can do to make this game lose! It is finished! Sure the enemy tried to rain on the parade by taking my heart to fellowship but The battle has already been won — all I have to do is play!


At the end of it all… it may not be all smiles and glitters but God’s plan will always prevail!!


I just embraced everything. I enjoyed every moment that I’m with the team. I’m blessed to have them. I’m blessed to be under the leadership of kuya nathan!!! He’s a amazing leader! They all have a story to tell and I learned a lot from each and every one of them. Once we started getting to know more about each other. The more it made sense why God gathered us together as a team! The wall in my heart came crumbling down and I fell more in love with them!! Everything was perfectly orchestrated by God. It was so perfect! I don’t have the words to describe how amazing it was!  I have new brothers and sisters in Christ!!! The memories and friendship that were built in this retreat is definitely something that I will cherish all through out the course of my life.

I said it before and I will never get tired of saying it. “We may have lost the games, (in the retreat) but we sure won each other’s hearts”

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See separate post for team Tenacious Tap tap tap!!!! Tapulao!!!!!

2 comments to On Higher Ground Singles getaway 2017 –

  • Marcelle  says:

    It’s hard to feel that the heart to fellowship is not there. I’m happy for you that it turned for the good.

    • iamchristine  says:

      thank you marcelle 🙂 God is really really good. He’s the one who fought the battle for me. At the end of it all His will still prevailed and my heart to fellowship is now stronger than ever 🙂

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