Luljetta’s Hanging Garden Escapade

If you’re a busy person like me and cannot afford to file vacation leaves but wants a time away from the city chaos. Then this is the perfect place for you. Introducing the first and only Hanging Gardens and Spa in the Philippines, welcome to Luljetta’s Hanging Garden!!

Luljetta's Hanging Garden swimming pool

It is located inside the Loreland Farm Resort in Antipolo. See link for the instructions on how to go there. Over looking Laguna De Bay and the Metro Manila skyline, Luljetta’s Hanging Garden is definitely the place for that ultimate relaxation experience.

This trip is one of many “Biglaan Escapades” of me and my family. One day I got so stressed at work, went home and told my sister “Alis tayo bukas. Magimpake ka na”. She then searched for a place via net and found this beautiful paradise. We got to the place around 2PM the next day. Checked in at Loreland Farm Resort. The garden is a 5 min walk from the resort.


From the reception, we took the HANGING GARDENS RETREAT package (P1,150.00) which  includes the following; Access to Hanging Gardens Facilities (Locker, Sauna, Dr. Fish Spa, Heated Jacuzzi, Hydro-massage Pool, Infinity Pools, Meditation Lounges). Before changing to our robes, we seized the day with our endless picture taking. See highlights of the Garden below.


P_20170113_160510  P_20170113_160505



P_20170113_161734  P_20170113_155732

We head down to the locker room to change to these beautiful robes. They call it Batik robes.

P_20170113_160809  P_20170113_160824


P_20170113_201452   P_20170113_201413

The place is magnificent! I so love the movie lounge. We didn’t stay there to watch a movie though because we can do that anytime time at home. We chose to be with nature during this time. They also have these nice little signs all over the place that adds positivity to life. 🙂



P_20170113_160742  P_20170113_160629

P_20170113_160604  P_20170113_160547

This is called the Dr Fish. Dip your feet then prepare to be severely tickled.

P_20170113_165259    P_20170113_172336

Took a couple more shots before we hit the pool.




The best part about this place are their pools. They have the Hydro-massage Pool where you can soak, lie down, and let water act as your masseuse.





My ultimate favorite is their infinity pool overlooking nature. The sunset was breath taking. This is where we spent most of our time. The city lights at night are beyond words so so so beautiful. I was just in awe staring and thinking how amazing God is to crate such beautiful scenery.




The water is quite cold so at one point we had to get out of it and get some warmth. So we decided to try the Jacuzzi followed by the sauna. The suggested time to stay in the sauna is just 15 mins but we stayed there for 30 mins. 🙂  I guess we’re that serious in losing weight? nah! We just had so much fun talking that we lost track of time.

P_20170113_181630 copy copy  P_20170113_180858

We finished at around 8:30PM. Went back to the locker room. Took a shower then head back to our hotel room. We also had a last min picture taking of course. 🙂



Over all I really really really love this place. I’ll definitely recommend this to every person I know. 🙂 Let me know what you think. Comment on the section below.

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