A Godly woman’s dilemma

As a Godly woman, we always pray for God to give us a Godly man. One that loves Jesus more than they love us… That’s EVERY girls prayer.

But when God grants our prayer and gives us a Godly man, As a woman, we’re by nature attention seekers. We want their full attention! One which a Godly man can never fulfill because more than his love for you, he loves serving Jesus more. which is what you asked for in the first place.


We then start to doubt their love for us solely because they tend to prioritize small groups, ministry, sharing the Gospel, making disciples etc. This is where one asks space and breaks the relationship.

Ladies: check your heart…

There are far more important things in life than just your relationship. Advancing God’s kingdom is just one of many!  The goal of your relationship should NOT focus on pleasing each other… As a Godly man and woman – small groups, ministry, sharing of the gospel and making disciples should NEVER come as a problem. You should be able to do this together with delight.  A Godly relationship should make you stronger in faith, not weaker!  So, say NO to the worldly definition of “relationship” and focus on serving God together and finding your source of joy in Christ not just with each other.  When your number one priority is your relationship with God, every other relationship will fall into place.

Did you have the same dilemma??? Let us know by commenting below. 🙂

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