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The Transition

Since most of you has been up to date in terms of reading my blog, you guys all know I went through my ultimate heartbreak with my first ever ex boyfriend two years ago. See link for the whole story. It was painful but I know you’re all familiar on how I moved on through A Christian’s road to recovery  article.

I have gone a long way since then, walking closer to God each and every day as I journey through Christianity. I’m well aware that I have developed a frozen heart due to the trauma of my past relationship. People say I locked my heart out but I feel like it’s not just locked, I have built the walls of Jericho around it! hahahaha But I have a feeling that’s about to change. Not now, but soon.

Right now I feel like God is already preparing me for my next season which is why I title...

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A Godly woman’s dilemma

As a Godly woman, we always pray for God to give us a Godly man. One that loves Jesus more than they love us… That’s EVERY girls prayer.

But when God grants our prayer and gives us a Godly man, As a woman, we’re by nature attention seekers. We want their full attention! One which a Godly man can never fulfill because more than his love for you, he loves serving Jesus more. which is what you asked for in the first place.


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Little girl, Big dreams

Honestly, I’ve been staring at my laptop for 2 hours now not knowing what to write in this blog post and every time I don’t know what to do or say, I utter a prayer of thanks giving! So allow me to share my thoughts with you guys….

First and foremost I wanna thank my Heavenly Father, for being sovereign in my life. I’m in awe on how amazing He is! He knows that I have always been fascinated by Acacia Hotel, I don’t even know why!! A year ago during prayer and fasting, I prayed like a little girl asking for a candy from her daddy. I said “Father, I want to represent a brand in Acacia Hotel for my Blog. I prayed for it non stop. A year later Lo and behold Vestidos Collection Acacia Shoot! It’s just amazing  how God grants our prayers down to the tiniest details and how He orchestrated it to be EXACTLY like what you envisioned it to be.  It was a non profit shoot so one missing piece from the team and the shoot is a no go. God had it all planned out and gave me the best possible team to work with.

I’m not a model, I’m not pretty, I’m not sexy, I’m not stunning, I know! but we don’t need all that… More than endorsing Vestidos Collections, I try to be the best that I can be because I’m a daughter of God and an endorser of Jesus!

Here’s my answered prayer…

Vestidos Collections (12)

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