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Letter from a clingy Team Leader

To Those who think the BPO industry is a just part time job,

Good day!! I’m Christine Ong, Team Leader, Born Again Christian, Blogger, Registered Nurse and a business woman. If you’re applying in a BPO company just to kill time or just waiting for you to pass your board exam, waiting for your visa to be granted or just plain wala lng magawa as of the moment and you think it’s all ok to apply and leave anytime you want because it’s just a part time job. PLEASE THINK AGAIN!!

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Wave Pak! Ganern!

Jan 12, 2016

Wave PakGanern on boarding… #latePost


I’m so blessed with the people that I meet in my life.  They’re all packed with extreme clinginess. From the folks I work with back in my 1st company APAC, My college friends, My reps in IBEX, Awestruck fellowship and now my co-TLs in my TL on boarding training in Convergys. Its just Amazing. I’m a keeper and I strongly believe God gives me people that are worth keeping.

Going through my TL on boarding Training I knew I was going to meet leaders and I’m talking about different TLs from different sites of Convergys (Ala1,2,3, CVG1, Eastwood, UP, G5, MDC) but I never thought our friendship could go beyond the 4 walls of the training room...

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