Letter from a clingy Team Leader

To Those who think the BPO industry is a just part time job,

Good day!! I’m Christine Ong, Team Leader, Born Again Christian, Blogger, Registered Nurse and a business woman. If you’re applying in a BPO company just to kill time or just waiting for you to pass your board exam, waiting for your visa to be granted or just plain wala lng magawa as of the moment and you think it’s all ok to apply and leave anytime you want because it’s just a part time job. PLEASE THINK AGAIN!!

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We’re running a business here. By applying, you are trying to be a part of the fastest growing industry in the Philippines. So fast that we basically feed majority of the country’s economy. Once you’re hired, whether you like it or not, you are now part of the company’s success or failure. Now if you’ll be those kind who would just leave the moment you get what you’re waiting for or just plain tinatamad na pumasok, You drag a part of the company down with you. This is where it gets so frustrating to me as a Team Lead.

When I was still a newbie in the industry the 1st support role that was given to me was a DSAT bay coach (A team composed of the site’s bottom performers.) There was 1 Team Lead and 2 coaches (me and mikko) Mikko decided to leave the company for another career opportunity. We worked together for just 3 months and during his last day. I cried. I mean I literally cried. Not the cute kind of cry but the heavy drama kind. My Team Leader that time talked to me and told me “People come and go. You’ll get used to it eventually.” 5 years after, low and behold I’m still not used to it. And I think I will NEVER get use to it.

Once hired, bear in mind that the company invested money in you (Training, tokens, logins etc). Your TL invested time in getting to know you, developing you and tolerating your unlimited “sorry TL”. Your team mates are relying on you to share the queue with them. Please know that your Team Leaders have emotions too. Tao din po kami. Nasasaktan din. We just look tough on the outside because the job demands for it. But we also get affected when a representative leaves. We ask so many questions in our mind to a point where sometimes we start doubting ourselves.

“Saan ako nagkulang”

“Ako ba yung may mali”

“Am I not enough”

“Am I not good enough”

“Ano pa bang pwede kong gawin”

***** and all the TLs say …. AMEN!!!


How would you feel if the one you invested so much time with all of a sudden leaves?  Though we’re treated like robots, we get hurt too. We cry. We get lonely. We pray a lot. I pray a lot not for me but mostly for my reps.

Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men. Col 3:23

Don’t get me wrong, if you really really have to go. It’s ok. RENDER 30 days!! Don’t just leave whenever. The industry offers huge salary because they demand so much from us. It’s difficult, I know. Been there, done that! But it’s not impossible. You’re hired for a reason. Find a bigger purpose and don’t have the mentality that it’s just a part time job.  so….. Spare us the extra heartache and just stay!

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