The Transition

Since most of you has been up to date in terms of reading my blog, you guys all know I went through my ultimate heartbreak with my first ever ex boyfriend two years ago. See link for the whole story. It was painful but I know you’re all familiar on how I moved on through A Christian’s road to recovery  article.

I have gone a long way since then, walking closer to God each and every day as I journey through Christianity. I’m well aware that I have developed a frozen heart due to the trauma of my past relationship. People say I locked my heart out but I feel like it’s not just locked, I have built the walls of Jericho around it! hahahaha But I have a feeling that’s about to change. Not now, but soon.

Right now I feel like God is already preparing me for my next season which is why I title...

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A Godly woman’s dilemma

As a Godly woman, we always pray for God to give us a Godly man. One that loves Jesus more than they love us… That’s EVERY girls prayer.

But when God grants our prayer and gives us a Godly man, As a woman, we’re by nature attention seekers. We want their full attention! One which a Godly man can never fulfill because more than his love for you, he loves serving Jesus more. which is what you asked for in the first place.


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The worst shampoo endorser

They say hair is a woman’s crowning glory. Well not for me hahaha I don’t even care what my hair looks like. Apparently I’m not the usual girly girl everyone thought I am. I’m kinda boyish in a way so I don’t normally care what my hair looks like. Plus I’m a big Britney fan and you know how messy her hair is, but she can still pull that hot chick look. I kinda live by the same philosophy, that you don’t need an awesome hair to look pretty.

Symply Gorgeous Shampoo

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