Surfing tips in La Union

How to save yet still get the best surfing experience?


TIP#1 Dont book directly with resorts or hotels… They charge P650/ hour… Go to the shore and look for trained surfers that are not affiliated with any establishment.


They only charge P400/ hour. Plus they’ll let you extend if you’re kind to them.  


TIP#2 Pay attention to the training!!! People tend to overlook the training session prior to surfing. You seriously have to pay attention because if not, it might cost you your life…


TIP#3 When surfing, never look at the waves behind you or your trainer …. believe me you’ll just be intimidate and eventually fall… just stand… find your balance and go with the waves!!!

*** I’m a first timer… I’m no expert, so these are all based from experience...

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Love under the Stars

Celebrate Valentines Day like never before, under the stars @ SM by the bay…

*** free admiasion… Break the typical just flowers and chocolates type of valentines. Bring your loved ones here and experience a different kind of Valentines. Celebrate all kinds of love as you place your locks at the love fence, fall deeply in love as you listen to love songs, have a romantic dinner and listen to different kind of stories of love, heartache and more by Ampalaya Monologues.


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The Transition

Since most of you has been up to date in terms of reading my blog, you guys all know I went through my ultimate heartbreak with my first ever ex boyfriend two years ago. See link for the whole story. It was painful but I know you’re all familiar on how I moved on through A Christian’s road to recovery  article.

I have gone a long way since then, walking closer to God each and every day as I journey through Christianity. I’m well aware that I have developed a frozen heart due to the trauma of my past relationship. People say I locked my heart out but I feel like it’s not just locked, I have built the walls of Jericho around it! hahahaha But I have a feeling that’s about to change. Not now, but soon.

Right now I feel like God is already preparing me for my next season which is why I title...

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