Jump Yard

Though we take our road to fitness journey seriously, working out for me and my 2 best buds is not all hard work and sweats … We know how to have fun too!!! So this time we decided to kick it off a notch and add spice to our work out session. Hence, our Jump yard adventure!!!


See Video below…

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Sibs Workout compilation

And the road to fitness journey continuous… We try to keep our work outs as fun as possible… Here’s a short clip of one of our many work out sessions on time lapse.


Workout compilation


PS. I was able to commit to a no rice diet since day 1 (except for pre-work out session) which was one of my biggest hesitation when I started. See link. Its not as difficult as you think guys… you just have to have the right mindset.

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Fitness goals

Road to fitness

To tell you honestly I was terrified the moment my friends told me they were aiming for friendship fitness goals. They started talking about training routines and diet plans. I was hoping the plan was only for them pero kasama pala ako… hahaha


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