How to go to Venice Grand Canal Mall

Do you want to experience Italy but you don’t have the passport to go there? Problem solved! Welcome to Venice Grand Canal Mall. Located at Cluster B, Mckinley Hill Garden villas, Upper Mckinley Road Taguig Metro Manila.

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…. and since most of our pictures has already been posted in my previous post. See link for our ultimate Venice experience. This article is your ultimate guide on how to go to mckinley while I bombard you with selfies along the way…. hahaha

How to go here:

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A glimpse of Venice in the the Philippines

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Since we were left by Raqferd who went to Bohol and ate Jess who has a shift, I and Bernadette had an exciting Friday Adventure. It was our first time to go to Venice Grand Canal Mall and guess what our navigation app made our drive longer. But it was also our fault, we weren’t paying attention to the signs on the road. Good thing, the app showed us an alternate route since we almost got lost.

We haven’t eaten anything as we drove along c5 road. Luckily, we found our destination and immediately looked for a place to park. We’re supposed to look for a restaurant but when we saw this magnificent work of art we couldn’t help but capture the beauty displayed right before our eyes. We tried to pose like models, tried some “Candy Mag-like” and fierce some shots...

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How to go to Pinto Art Museum……

Easy breezy guide on how to go to Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo.

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